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Replace Your Play/Pause, Previous, and Next Buttons With These Beauties

Posted by Jody Mitoma on February 6, 2008

TheAppleTree (previously known as whitneystcharles) of iPodTouchFans recently released a theme she calls iTunes Music Skin: CommercialPlastic.

Here is what she had to say about the theme itself.

I was just kinda messing around with this today to see what I could whip up for the music player. I really like this skin overall… It kind of has a WMP-y look to it. It was difficult to get it working correctly – I found that I had to use play and pause buttons that were the same sizes as the originals, due to the fact that both the movie player and the music player pull their images from the same location. The offsets for each of these is different, however, being that you view video in landscape and music in profile. Ultimately I decided the quickest fix for this would be to include the button image in the Ipod Bar… which turned out being handier anyway, because you don’t have to overwrite the defaults every time you want to change the color of your buttons.

I uploaded the backup files if you don’t like the simple white plastic buttons that I created. I also fixed the problem with the progress bar being an ugly, white transparent color.

This is what it should look like in your video screen:

More color varieties, and instructions on how to install, after the break!

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