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N-Gage Revival And iPhone SDK Raise Anchor For Mobile Gaming

Posted by Jody Mitoma on February 7, 2008

mobile gaming sdk

Wired had a bit to say about accelerometers, and the iphone’s upcoming SDK yesterday evening. It’s a good write up, so I figured I’d share their post with you all.


What do accelerometers, the iPhone SDK and touchscreens have in common? They’re the three big things that could see cellphone gaming have its first good year. Even the N-Gage revival finally took off on Monday, opening its doors to public testing after months of delay.

“A lot of people were inspired by what happened with the Nintendo Wii,” said Matthew Turetzky, RealNetworks’ vice president of non-PC gaming, when I spoke to him at a recent trade show. “But touchscreen is the big change, with the iPhone. It’s such a perfect technology for the casual gaming experience.”

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