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Yeti 3D 003 Released

Posted by Eric March on January 31, 2008

Yeti 3D 003Margo Giorgini has been hard at work improving his port of the Yeti 3D engine to the iPod Touch. Version 003 is now available, and with it comes a slew of new features, including better bad guys, a health bar (you can die now) and an ammo bar (but no ammo crates to replenish your supply yet), as well as a mini-map in the top corner, a frame counter on the bottom (presumably for his own purposes), and a slimmed-down virtual controller. Furthermore, a dedicated repository is now available in Installer so you have the choice of downloading the ZIP or installing it directly over the air.

A quick note about a new update of Yeti3D

– new UI with Health, Ammo and a map slice
– now enemies move smoother and they got light from environment
– now enemies can kick you (till you die)
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[GAMING] Yeti3D 002 Released

Posted by Eric March on January 21, 2008

Yeti3D 002 UpdateWell that was quick. A new update to Marco Giorgini’s Yeti3D is now available. Version 002 tweaks the dynamic lighting a bit, which makes the level look a bit darker. There is still only one enemy in the game, and he still can’t hurt you, but the little blue, bald sprite (that’s bald, you sickos) has been replaced with a real 3D MD2 model nicked from Quake II. Though Marco states that there is a slight reduction in frame rates, I really didn’t notice any additional slowdown, as it still seems to run at a pretty solid clip. The D-pad and buttons have also been enlarged for slightly easier manoevering, though it’s still ugly; Marco appears to be stumped as to how he should handle the control mechanism. Perhaps you folks should drop him a note and offer your suggestions.

Installation for this version is also a little more convoluted: You still have to copy the main game files to your /Applications folder and set permissions to 755, but there is an additional set of resource files which must be placed in /var/root/Media/Yeti3Dfolder/ and set to 755. Additionally, a bug seems to have been introduced into this version that requires you to turn on flight mode on your iPhone, or disable WiFi on your Touch, otherwise it won’t work. I am sure Marco will sort this out for his next release.

In the mean time, you can hit up this link to download the new version, and as usual you can read the original thread here. click on the image above for a full-sized view.

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[GAMING] Yeti 3D Gets Resurrected For iPod

Posted by Eric March on January 21, 2008

Yeti 3Dmodmyifone member Marco Giorgini (kmarco71) has successfully resurrected Derek J. Evans’ old and long-defunct GPL’ed 3D engine known as Yeti 3D and ported it to the iPhone and iPod Touch. As it stands right now it is mainly a proof-of-concept. There isn’t much game to speak of; you can move around, jump and shoot at the one (blocky) enemy that’s included, but there is no goal, multitouch has not yet been implemented (so no jumping while moving) and there are some texture warping/shearing issues to take care of, not to mention the dodgy controls. Nonetheless, this is only the initial release. The performance is quite acceptable, though I am sure further optimization will be forthcoming, and the visuals are quite good as it stands. This will be one project whose development I will be watching with interest.

Read more about the project at modmyifone.

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