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[GAMING] The Trouble with Touch: Gaming Without Buttons

Posted by Eric March on January 23, 2008

Wherefor art thou, game pad?The iPod Touch and iPhone are great devices, and it’s hard to argue that the best thing to happen to these devices has been the Jailbreak. Some great — and let’s face it, some not-so-great — games and applications have emerged from the independent development scene, and a number of them have become almost legendary in their popularity. It’s hard to speak of the iPhone and iPod Touch without making references to iPhysics, Tap Tap Revolution, various emulators, and Doom.

Ah — Doom, the penultimate granddaddy of first-person shooters. (The ultimate being id’s previous effort, Wolfenstein 3D) It has become a running gag amongst gadget heads to ask of new devices, “…but can it play Doom?” Yes. Yes, it can. But not without qualification. It isn’t that the Touch and iPhone can’t handle it — obviously, they can. The real problem is buttons. There aren’t any. (Sleep and home don’t count since they can’t be reassigned.)

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