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gpSPhone 1.5.0 Released

Posted by Eric March on February 4, 2008

It’s-a New!ZodTTD is trickling out the updates to his coterie of software. First out of the gate is gpSPhone, the seminal (well, only) Game Boy Advance emulator for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

gpSPhone, the Gameboy Advance emulator, has been updated to v1.5.0. New changes in this release includes:

– Added support for both scaled/unscaled landscape and portrait view settings.
– Added support for firmware 1.1.3’s “mobile” user. gpSPhone should run well on 1.1.3 now.
– Added hardware accelerated scaling for better performance and look.

This release should be very stable and slightly faster. You now have the option between portrait and landscape mode. Hardware scaling gives a smoothed over looking picture, which some may prefer, with the advantage of performance.

A big thanks to Exophase, the author of gpSP, for his continued work on emulation. Without him, gpSPhone couldn’t exist.

For public domain ROMs (legal homebrew games) , head to Kojote’s great site:

Downloads for gpSPhone v1.5.0 can be found by visiting the Download section. It is available at the public repo.

All you folks who earned your manhood (or womanhood) in the trial-by-fire that is the 1.1.3 jailbreak can now play rousing tournaments of Mario Kart with ease, and the scaling and use of OpenGL should make it a lot prettier.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Zod also has a cool new look for his blog that’s worth checking out.

(Source: ZodTTD)


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[GAMING] Emulators (GBA, NES & PSX) available for use on iPod Touch/iPhone

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 14, 2008

iPod Touch NES EmulatorI know this may be old news to some of you, and I am sorry to have to do this, however, this is actually a pretty big deal, and well, being a new blog and all, I haven’t yet had the chance to talk about it myself.

If you know everything you need to know about the emulators and roms available on the iPod Touch/iPhone, please, do feel free to skip this post completely, as you will most likely learn nothing new.


Emulators have been available for the iPod Touch/iPhone for a few months now, with the most recent being the release of the psx4iphone(PS1) emulator. Don’t let the name fool you – this emulator works on the iPod Touch as well, as do all the emulators listed below.

Lets begin with the NES emulator (a.k.a. iPhone NES):

Now lets move on to the GBA emulator (a.k.a. GpSPhone):

Last but not least, the PS1 emulator (a.k.a. PSX4iPhone):

Note: Most roms for the psx4iphone emulator run at half speed, if not, slower. Personally, I find this emulator quite useless for iPod Touch/iPhone users. If you want to play PS1 emulators, buy yourself a Sony PSP! Reasons for this are because the PSP actually has an embeded graphics processor, whereas the iPod Touch/iPhones do not.

– Jody Mitoma

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