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Top Five Things I Wish iPod Touch Had…

Posted by Justin Morley on February 3, 2008

5I was just sitting here, using the iPod touch, and things just kept coming up that I wish that it had. Here is my top five!

1. Flash – So many things use Flash, come on Apple, give it to us!

2. Copy and Paste – So, theres a URL I want to copy and paste from a webpage; can I do it? NO.

3. The Ability To Watch Videos from other places then YouTube – Yes, YouTube is nice, but there are so many other good video host’s that I would love to be able to watch from. Break, Metacafe, etc…

4. In Safari, when you go to another web page, the first one loses its cookies – I’m using Meebo, I go to another web page, and when I come back to it I have to re-login. This makes me SAD!

5. Video camera/Camera – I know this sounds REALLY far-fetched, but I really wish I could record video and take pictures on it. With the biggest screen out of all the iPods, recorded video would look really good, you could email pictures right through it from the Mail application, and you could immediately set it as the unlock screen background!

    If the iPod touch had these features, I’d scream my fangirl scream really, really loud. Not that I have a fangirl scream… *cough*


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