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ANNOUNCEMENT: Completely New Touch Podium Blog In The Works… Ready For Tonight Tomorrow Morning.

Posted by Jody Mitoma on February 7, 2008

Touch Podium is getting a complete make-over tonight.

We’re switching over from to (Google it if you’re not sure what the difference is.)

We will now be hosted on one of the most reliable hosts available, according to many reviews.

Surfing to should start bringing you to the new blog by later tonight mid-morning, tomorrow (January 8th). NO NEED TO UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS!

The new blog is better in many, MANY ways. 🙂

Also, I’ve still got a few things I need to get done, but cannot until the DNS settings have switched over from this blog, to the new blog.

Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to sign up at The Touch Podium Forums!
Also, subscribe to The Touch Podium RSS Feed For Live Updates!

*The URL will stay the same for both of the above.

– Touch Podium Management


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iPod Touch and iPhone to Run Marathon

Posted by Eric March on February 4, 2008

marathon_touch.jpgNo, not that kind of Marathon. iPod Touch Fans member dmgmantis, a.k.a. Matt, has taken it upon himself to try and port Bungie’s venerable first-person shooter Marathon and its sequel Durandal to the iPod Touch and iPhone. He is helped both by the fact that Bungee has released the entire Marathon game triliogy to Freeware, and by the fact that AlephOne, a Windows and Mac port of the game’s engine, is an open-source project that allows the games to be run on modern hardware with optional enhanced graphics and sound. Using the source code to AlephOne, Matt hopes to be able to bring these two games to the iPod Touch and iPhone — which is good, because we’re tired of waiting for a decent, working Doom. Says Matt:

Decided to get a blog on Blogger, helps my fellow followers see how and what im doing on The Marathon Touch Project.
Yet, im just projecting it and taking a really close looks at the Source code of Aleph One before i go and port this. So far, so good.

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Yeti 3D 003 Released

Posted by Eric March on January 31, 2008

Yeti 3D 003Margo Giorgini has been hard at work improving his port of the Yeti 3D engine to the iPod Touch. Version 003 is now available, and with it comes a slew of new features, including better bad guys, a health bar (you can die now) and an ammo bar (but no ammo crates to replenish your supply yet), as well as a mini-map in the top corner, a frame counter on the bottom (presumably for his own purposes), and a slimmed-down virtual controller. Furthermore, a dedicated repository is now available in Installer so you have the choice of downloading the ZIP or installing it directly over the air.

A quick note about a new update of Yeti3D

– new UI with Health, Ammo and a map slice
– now enemies move smoother and they got light from environment
– now enemies can kick you (till you die)
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Gettin’ J-I-G-G-Y Wid It

Posted by Eric March on January 29, 2008

What do you mean “iPod” isn’t a valid word?It would seem that amid all of the pomp and ceremony surrounding the various 1.1.3 jailbreak releases, news of a pair of new Javascript-based games managed to slip quietly under the radar. It would seem that shortly after the New Year, developer digicide coded up Javascript versions of the classic Scrabble board game, as well as a remake of Popcap Games’ Text Twist. These two games will run natively on your iPhone and iPod Touch via the Jiggy runtime package (add to your sources in Installer, then install it from the Development category). I’m a sucker for a good word game, and these are certainly two of my favourites, so check them out, and be sure to follow the directions on each game’s page to install them, or read this iPod Touch Fans thread for help and more information.

(via iPod Touch Fans)

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Complete iPod Touch/iPhone 1.1.3 Jailbreak Guide – NO COMPUTER REQUIRED – Coming Tonight!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 25, 2008

jailbroken 113H3X, a great member of the community boards has informed us that he is currently working on a way to jailbreak the iPod Touch / iPhone 1.1.3 firmware – without the use of a computer!

Here is what he had to say:

All that wll be required is a jailbroken ipod on 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with installer.

I’m making this by myself. Should be up tonight.

It will take about 20-30 minutes to download the image, though.

Discuss. Should work on iPod Touches and iPhones.

Looking foward to it H3X!

My God, it’s amazing how quick some of you are with all of this.

Source: an ipodtouchfans thread

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Jailbreak of 1.1.3 Firmware Said To Be Released As Early As Tonight!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 23, 2008

iphoneBig news everyone.

According to iPhone Atlas , one of the 1.1.3 Jailbreak methods may be getting released Internet-wide as early as tonight.

Read the story below:

We’ve received word that the a software-based jailbreak method for iPhone software/firmware 1.1.3 (enabling the installation of unofficial third-party applications) could be released as early as tonight or tomorrow. We previously reported on the existence of a hardware-based method and two software-based methods, one more straightforward than the other.

iPhone Atlas has now learned that one closely guarded, software-based jailbreak method will be reserved for release after Apple ships the official iPhone SDK, which the company is due to discuss (but not necessarily ship) sometime in February. The other method will be released much sooner. Both methods are described as “tedious,” but not significantly more so than the iPhone 1.1.2 jailbreak. Like previous methods, the 1.1.3 jailbreak will consist of a series of scripts and require some level of user interaction.

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[FIRMWARE] Multiple Jailbreak Exploits Found for 1.1.3 Firmware!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 23, 2008

multiple exploitsmodiphone just minutes ago, announced that there are now multiple ways to jailbreak Apple’s just recently released 1.1.3 firmware!

Here is the rest of the developing story:

Multiple exploits have been found! That means the dev teams can keep one hidden away in their arsenal, and release a 1.1.3 jailbreak sooner rather than later. Information is scarce, but the best I can provide is that the iPhone/Touch Dev teams are working on software/scripts to make the process beginner friendly. The only ETA is “soon.” I will, of course, keep you posted.

Soon?.. Well, that’s better than late February anyway! I’ll keep you posted as the story develops. 🙂

Source: a story

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[GAMING] SNES4iPhone Emulator Still Only Available To Beta Testers (Who Pay), But SNES Roms Repo Is Up!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 22, 2008

snescontrollercopyrf5.pngSo, the SNES4iPhone Emulator by zodttd is still not available through a repo without having to pay, unfortunately.

But for those of you who are lucky enough to be testing out the beta version of SNES4iPhone, here is a repo link to a bunch of roms.

SNES Roms Repository Link:
Installer > Sources > Edit > Add

Here is a video of the SNES4iPhone in action:

Source: an ipodtouchfans thread

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[APPS] A Brand New Customize Add-On By ‘dybacz’ Allows You To Edit Music Player Icons Easily + More To Come!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 22, 2008

music editing imagesdybacz of the ipodtouchfans forums has been messing about with the for a bit now, and has figured out how to edit the “Music Player” icons. He successfully added a new option under the Customize menu that allows you to simply click on the set of icons you prefer to use, and voila, the icons have been changed!

However, this is not all the news I have for you! dybacz is taking things even a step further, and is working on adding a few more options to the Customize menu!

As found in this ipodtouchfans thread, here is what dybacz is working on next:

I was thinking of uploading then thought i might add some extra stuff: the vasor when u tap screen with the shuffle button ect

2.Whole Video App

3. Maybe TTR

and others if anyone has suggestions

dybacz plans on eventually releasing this Customize add-on within a repo and making it available to all for download.

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[GAMING] Yeti3D 002 Released

Posted by Eric March on January 21, 2008

Yeti3D 002 UpdateWell that was quick. A new update to Marco Giorgini’s Yeti3D is now available. Version 002 tweaks the dynamic lighting a bit, which makes the level look a bit darker. There is still only one enemy in the game, and he still can’t hurt you, but the little blue, bald sprite (that’s bald, you sickos) has been replaced with a real 3D MD2 model nicked from Quake II. Though Marco states that there is a slight reduction in frame rates, I really didn’t notice any additional slowdown, as it still seems to run at a pretty solid clip. The D-pad and buttons have also been enlarged for slightly easier manoevering, though it’s still ugly; Marco appears to be stumped as to how he should handle the control mechanism. Perhaps you folks should drop him a note and offer your suggestions.

Installation for this version is also a little more convoluted: You still have to copy the main game files to your /Applications folder and set permissions to 755, but there is an additional set of resource files which must be placed in /var/root/Media/Yeti3Dfolder/ and set to 755. Additionally, a bug seems to have been introduced into this version that requires you to turn on flight mode on your iPhone, or disable WiFi on your Touch, otherwise it won’t work. I am sure Marco will sort this out for his next release.

In the mean time, you can hit up this link to download the new version, and as usual you can read the original thread here. click on the image above for a full-sized view.

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[FIRMWARE] A Post From The Blog of Jonathan Zdziarski (One of The Programmers For The 1.1.3 Jailbreak)

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 21, 2008

jailbroken 1.1.3 iphoneJonathan Zdziarski is one of the many programmers working on getting the 1.1.3. firmware jailbreak released to the public. In his latest post, he states the reason they are delaying the release of the how to guide on jailbreaking the latest firmware from Apple. Have a look below for his latest post:

January 20, 2008: iPhone 1.1.3 is Jailbroken
I wasn’t going to post anything, but since there is a lot of confusion surrounding the 1.1.3 jailbreak, I thought I’d clear a few misconceptions up. The iPhone-Elite team and the iPhone/iTouch Dev teams have recently merged and collaborated on a software jailbreak for v1.1.3. I’ve posted some screenshots here and here. Overall, it took the work of about seven members, including myself, to craft this jailbreak – it was a true team effort. It has been previously speculated that this followed up a previous hardware jailbreak, but this is not the case.

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[GAMING] Yeti 3D Gets Resurrected For iPod

Posted by Eric March on January 21, 2008

Yeti 3Dmodmyifone member Marco Giorgini (kmarco71) has successfully resurrected Derek J. Evans’ old and long-defunct GPL’ed 3D engine known as Yeti 3D and ported it to the iPhone and iPod Touch. As it stands right now it is mainly a proof-of-concept. There isn’t much game to speak of; you can move around, jump and shoot at the one (blocky) enemy that’s included, but there is no goal, multitouch has not yet been implemented (so no jumping while moving) and there are some texture warping/shearing issues to take care of, not to mention the dodgy controls. Nonetheless, this is only the initial release. The performance is quite acceptable, though I am sure further optimization will be forthcoming, and the visuals are quite good as it stands. This will be one project whose development I will be watching with interest.

Read more about the project at modmyifone.

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[GAMING] Further TTR ‘Guitar Hero’ Song Tap Updates.. Delay Explanation

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 21, 2008

Guitar Hero TTRHey all, I’d just like to take a minute to express my sincere appologies for not updating you all on the status of this project. I’ve been fairly busy with family issues and what not.

The project is in fact complete, and has been for a couple days now, however, I’ve been having issues SSH’ing into my iPod. In other words, I am not able to use CuteFTP or WinSCP to get into my iPod’s main core database, thus making it impossible to access my .tap’s… This is, in terms, making it impossible for me to share the files with you all.

I hope to get this issue resolved sooner than later.

If any of you have any ideas on how to fix the issue, I am all ears. The sooner this issues is fixed, the better.

Please keep on the look out for further updates in regards to this project!

Until then, practice, practice, practice!

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[GAMING] More Updates on TTR ‘Guitar Hero 1’ Taps and MP3s

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 17, 2008

Guitar Hero TTRAlright, so I’ve got a bit of an update for you all tonight.

I’ve got about half of the songs done, most of which I worked on tonight. I’ve been pretty busy lately with family, friends, school and relations.

I will try my best to finish off the other ~20 or so songs by tomorrow(Thursday) night! I don’t want to let you guys down a second time…

I will provide you all with further updates tomorrow evening sometime.

Until then, check out all the hype on how Apple is trying to get us iPod Touch users to pay $20 for the 5 apps that have come free with the iPhone!

– Jody Mitoma

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[GAMING] Updates on TTR ‘Guitar Hero 1’ Taps and MP3s

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 15, 2008

Guitar Hero TTRHey fellow guitar heroes!,

Sorry about the failure to update on the status of this project. Unfortunately I have some bad news this evening…

So basically, it turns out this will not be getting released anytime today. Reason for this is because I didn’t expect what I’ve got myself into at first.

Tapping to a songs beat is much harder than one would expect – ESPECIALLY when you do not know the song you are tapping to. And being that there are 42 songs in Guitar Hero 1, and I know maybe 20% of the songs (if that), I have to LEARN the beat of the other songs before I can tap to them with TTR.

Please expect the release of ‘Guitar Hero 1’ taps to be released on Thursday at some point.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hate when release dates are pushed back, and hate to have to do it myself. I am not a hypocrite – honest!

I hope this is fully understood. Until then, happy tapping and happy touching! )

– Jody Mitoma

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