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N-Gage Revival And iPhone SDK Raise Anchor For Mobile Gaming

Posted by Jody Mitoma on February 7, 2008

mobile gaming sdk

Wired had a bit to say about accelerometers, and the iphone’s upcoming SDK yesterday evening. It’s a good write up, so I figured I’d share their post with you all.


What do accelerometers, the iPhone SDK and touchscreens have in common? They’re the three big things that could see cellphone gaming have its first good year. Even the N-Gage revival finally took off on Monday, opening its doors to public testing after months of delay.

“A lot of people were inspired by what happened with the Nintendo Wii,” said Matthew Turetzky, RealNetworks’ vice president of non-PC gaming, when I spoke to him at a recent trade show. “But touchscreen is the big change, with the iPhone. It’s such a perfect technology for the casual gaming experience.”

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gpSPhone 1.5.0 Released

Posted by Eric March on February 4, 2008

It’s-a New!ZodTTD is trickling out the updates to his coterie of software. First out of the gate is gpSPhone, the seminal (well, only) Game Boy Advance emulator for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

gpSPhone, the Gameboy Advance emulator, has been updated to v1.5.0. New changes in this release includes:

– Added support for both scaled/unscaled landscape and portrait view settings.
– Added support for firmware 1.1.3’s “mobile” user. gpSPhone should run well on 1.1.3 now.
– Added hardware accelerated scaling for better performance and look.

This release should be very stable and slightly faster. You now have the option between portrait and landscape mode. Hardware scaling gives a smoothed over looking picture, which some may prefer, with the advantage of performance.

A big thanks to Exophase, the author of gpSP, for his continued work on emulation. Without him, gpSPhone couldn’t exist.

For public domain ROMs (legal homebrew games) , head to Kojote’s great site:

Downloads for gpSPhone v1.5.0 can be found by visiting the Download section. It is available at the public repo.

All you folks who earned your manhood (or womanhood) in the trial-by-fire that is the 1.1.3 jailbreak can now play rousing tournaments of Mario Kart with ease, and the scaling and use of OpenGL should make it a lot prettier.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Zod also has a cool new look for his blog that’s worth checking out.

(Source: ZodTTD)

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Bring Your Shopping List Via iPod Touch

Posted by Jody Mitoma on February 2, 2008

ShopListGetting fed up of having to scratch out, word for word, each item on your weekly shopping list?

Well, no more. Thanks to fsaint of the modmyifone forums, it is now possible to type out your shopping list on the ipod touch, and as you go along, hit the “Have” button for items you’ve already picked up in your shopping cart.

Also, here’s a temporary fix for 1.1.3 jailbroken users by the creator himself:

There is a way to set the permissions. So here is the dirty thing … ShopList stores two files, need and have and the are in /Applications/ So you need to change the ownership of of need and have:
chown mobile:mobile /Applications/
chown mobile:mobile /Applications/

and also you need to change the permisions of the directory
I did
chmod 755 /Applications/
chmod 755 /Applications/
chmod 777 /Applications/

there might be a more subtle way to set the permissions, but that works. Anyway I have a new version that stores the files in the right place /var/mobile/something. I hope to publish that over the weekend.

[ Download ]

Repo Source:

Now this, I will be taking advantage of. 🙂 Thank you, fsaint.

(Source: a modmyifone thread)

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ZodTTD Preps 1.1.3 Updates, Taunts Us With snes4iphone

Posted by Eric March on February 1, 2008

It’s-a soon!For those of you who have been wondering why there have been no releases forthcoming from yon Zod way, this would seem to be the answer: He has been busy adding compatibility for firmware 1.1.3 to all of his apps.

Very soon applications such as snes4iphone, gpSPhone,, and psx4iphone will be receiving updates to fully support firmware 1.1.3 change to using the ‘mobile’ user instead of ‘root’. There is however a quick fix for those who want these and other applications to work with 1.1.3. You must chmod (set permissions) to 777 to the /var/root/Library/Preferences/ directory and also chmod 777 the directories used for external files such as ROMs, usually somewhere within /var/root/Media/.

More news to come shortly. Thanks for the continued support everyone!

“Very soon” is now the current estimate. Be patient — this ain’t Duke Nukem Forever, and he didn’t say When It’s Done™ so we’re safe.


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Installer 3.0 Out of Beta

Posted by Eric March on February 1, 2008

Installer 3It’s a week chock full of updates, folks. This time, the seminal jailbreak app, Installer, has finally shed its beta skin and is now a full-fledged version 3.0. The new version increases automatic refresh times to every 12 hours, which should clear up the frequent and lengthy refreshes every hour or so that make you scream at your device and say unflattering things about its mother. It also sports a new queuing feature when installing apps, allowing you to queue up multiple apps to install all at once, as well as a much requested Update All function in the updates pane, a free space checker to make sure you have at least half a meg left, and proper keyboard when adding sources (the same one used in Safari, with the URL characters on the main keyboard), among other miscellaneous changes. Refresh your sources in Installer and it should automatically inform you of the required update.

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Summerboard Gets 1.1.3 Compatibility Update, Makes You Feel Funny in the Pants

Posted by Eric March on February 1, 2008

SummerBoard loves you.So you’ve upgraded and jailbroken your firmware 1.1.3. Now you’ve finished organizing your 8-page springboard into a neat and tidy single-page with Categories. (You have downloaded the update, right?) Well, boyo, I’m afraid you’re not done sprucing your Touch/iPhone up just yet, because Summerboard 3.1-1 just hit the wires. In case you’ve been living with your head lodged in a small tin bucket while constantly beating it with a pair of wooden spoons for the last several months, Summerboard sits on top of Springboard and lets you apply themes, wallpapers and all sorts of gee-whiz-nifty stuff so your Touch/iPhone looks sexy enough to date. As of this writing the Nullriver repo server is slammed harder than a ho on free sample night, so expect lengthy download times — but like a starving man waiting for a juicy porterhouse steak to grill, I don’t have to tell you that it’s worth the wait. Of course, I really don’t know why I’m continuing to type, because by now the whole lot of you have already grabbed your devices and are furiously stabbing at Installer’s Refresh button while that rivulet of drool on your shirt keeps getting longer.

NOTE: Some people (myself included) are reporting problems with Summerboard coming up as inactive after installing and rebooting, resulting in a non-functional Summerboard install. Thus far we have not determined the problem and therefore have yet to find a solution. If it does not work for you, have some patience and hopefully the collective braintrust (or Nullriver themselves) can come up with a workable solution.

UPDATE: After some straw polling, it would appear as though the ones effected are those who used ipodtouchmaster’s all-in-one jailbreak method. The solution that has worked so far is to do the whole jailbreak process all over again and use the official Dev Team GUI 1.1.3 jailbreak method.

I know, you all love me right now. Please put down the crowbar.

UPDATE 2 (Feb. 2nd, 2008): Well, after banging my head against a brick wall bristling with rusty iron spikes tipped with salt and vinegar, I have finally and successfully jailbroken 1.1.3 by starting with a clean 1.1.1 restore, jailbreaking my way through to 1.1.2 and then using the Official 1.1.3 Upgrader and not using the restore feature. It did freeze with a blank screen after the “Jailbreaking System Image” notice, but I forced a reboot and it popped into the 1.1.3 springboard with everything working flawlessly — including SummerBoard! After 12 hours of futzing around with this whole 1.1.3 jailbreak debacle, I believe I can finally say that I am done.

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Bring The Entire Wikipedia Database To Your iPod Touch (and iPhone) For Use Offline!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 31, 2008

iPhonePedia Something amazing has hit the iPod Touch front. One team calls it the The other, simply

That’s right. There are actually two application versions of’s database that are available for the iPod Touch (and iPhone, of course).

One huge difference between the two is the size of the download. will require ~2GB’s of space, while the will only consume an astonishing ~150MB’s!

Update (from Patrick [starter of] on Jan 4th, 2008)

…the iPhonePedia app needs you to download a dump from the main Wikipedia servers in addition to their 150MB file — so you end up
with 3.1GB of stuff (not 150MB). (the one I wrote 🙂 needs a little under 2GB (keeping this size down was one of the big
goals when developing it).

Here’s the basics on

What: An offline Wikipedia reader for the iPhone or iPod Touch. I wanted to write an iPhone app over Christmas, and so hacked this together during the break.

Why: It’s the warm fuzzy feeling of having the sum of all human knowledge in your pocket. It’s the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy realised. EDGE is slow; search is slow; you’re abroad, in a plane, a tunnel, or on top of a mountain. You have an iPod Touch.

Size: It’ll consume about a quarter of your iPhone’s storage—the app, indexes and dumps are almost exactly 2GB together.

Completenes: This still has a lot of rough edges. Some articles can’t be opened, and it’s not too hard to crash the app.

Other: There’s also a mongrel-based ruby server for offline browsing on a PC (was used for debug during development). See sh/server in the source distribution. No screenshots yet.

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My Open Letter To The SummerBoard Developers

Posted by Justin Morley on January 31, 2008

Dear SummerBoard Developers,
SummerBoard just may be the number one reason an iPod Touch user jailbreaks their iPod. They are willing to use illegal measures to be able to customize their iPod any way they like. You and Customize run the jailbreak scene; customize has updated so you can run it on 1.1.3, so I am here, asking you, please hurry your ass’s up. I miss my background, my customized icons. I miss all the abilities you have given me, then taken away (damn you, 1.1.3!). So, do whatever you need to do to develop a patch, drink far too many coffee’s, Red Bulls, what have you; but PLEASE, fix it! I speak for thousands when I say this – BRING SUMMERBOARD BACK!

Your faithful users

P.S. – It’s great to be back.

Edit (February 1st, 2008):

Image credit to: txkimmers

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Categories Updated for 1.1.3

Posted by Eric March on January 31, 2008

I know it’s a lame image. It’s late, and I’m tired, so deal with it.With the update to firmware 1.1.3 and the subsequent (and oft problematic) jailbreak came breaks of another sort: Several apps ceased to work as prescribed. Among those were three of the core essentials that make the jailbreak experience what it is: Categories, SummerBoard, and Customize. Well, you can now scratch one of those off your most wanted list, because Big Boss is back with an update to his Customize app, and he’s brought 1.1.3 compatibility with him. Customize 1.60a is now available on the BigBoss repository, so you lot who have already reloaded your devices with seventeen pages of apps and web clippings now have some housekeeping to do. I’ll keep this brief so you can get to it. And no sweeping DemoApp under the rug.

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Gettin’ J-I-G-G-Y Wid It

Posted by Eric March on January 29, 2008

What do you mean “iPod” isn’t a valid word?It would seem that amid all of the pomp and ceremony surrounding the various 1.1.3 jailbreak releases, news of a pair of new Javascript-based games managed to slip quietly under the radar. It would seem that shortly after the New Year, developer digicide coded up Javascript versions of the classic Scrabble board game, as well as a remake of Popcap Games’ Text Twist. These two games will run natively on your iPhone and iPod Touch via the Jiggy runtime package (add to your sources in Installer, then install it from the Development category). I’m a sucker for a good word game, and these are certainly two of my favourites, so check them out, and be sure to follow the directions on each game’s page to install them, or read this iPod Touch Fans thread for help and more information.

(via iPod Touch Fans)

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Repo To Jailbreak 1.1.3 And The App Pack At Once

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 27, 2008

jailbroken 113

There seems to be a bit of an issue occuring with this guide. Please follow at your own risk.

ipodtouchmaster, Chris Stroud, and ipodtouchhacker have made a repo making it possible to jailbreak firmware 1.1.3 and install the ‘App Pack’ all with one easy step. Have a look at the instructions posted by Chris Stroud himself, on the ipodtouchfans forums!

Thanks to the efforts of ipodtouchmaster, Chris Stroud, and ipodtouchhacker. We have released a new automatic jailbreak that still requires no computer. Our new version is a spawn of the Dev Team Jailbreak, but it installs the iPhone apps ( The January Software Update) during the install. This should really help simplify things! if u have questions or comments, post them. This Jailbreak may take up to an hour to install!

Our Repo for this is:

We are currently making a video right now, either check back here, or check ipodtouchmaster’s youtube page in an hour or two.
this may or may not work on the iPhone, but we don’t see why it wouldn’t. Thanks and good luck!


Jailbroken 1.1.2 device

Latest Version of installer

BSD Subsystem 1.5 or greater (2.0 is current)

Turn Autolock to “never”

Attatch your device to a power source (or make sure it has full battery)

– The iPod Elite Team

Disclaimer- if you already have a Jailbroken 1.1.3 and want the 1.1.3 Apps, go to the same repo (you may need to refresh your sources) and install the 1.1.3 iPhone Apps Package, then install the Mail Fix. we are ging to try to merge these in to one file for your conveinience

Disclaimer Discaimer- We have received several requests for paypal information. our current paypal address is:

Currently, we are seriously killing Apple’s bandwidth, that is why it is soo slow.

Thanks a lot you three. This’ll be of much assistance to many, I am sure.

Source: an ipodtouchfans thread

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Get The App Pack FREE Through An Repo Source! (No Computer Required!)

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 27, 2008

App Packk It looks like ipodtouchmaster05 (known as ‘ipodtouchmaster’ on youtube), in contribution with’s member; homeruntilly, have figured out a way to get the 1.1.3 firmware $20.00 “App Pack” on a repo source. It is now much easier for the average Joe to download and use the App Pack that Apple wants us to pay for, for free!

Here is the quote from the thread:

here is a repository i made to get all the iphone applications for free including the webclips and wiggly icons. So you need a jailbroken 1.1.3 to install this. It does NOT give you any of the iphone preferences!!! so your ipod stays an ipod but with the iphone apps! now to use the you need to install 1.1.3 fix mail to save your password. that is included in my source.

Add this source to your ipod:

Then go to category Ipodtouchmater install the package called The iPhone 1.1.3 Apps.. and there you go! then install 1.1.3 fix mail if you use the

Much thanks to homeruntilly for helping me out with this!

I, Jody Mitoma, can confirm that this does in fact work. I just did it now, without problem. 🙂

Source: an ipodtouchfans thread

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iPod Touch 1.1.3 Jailbreak Thread Roundup

Posted by Eric March on January 25, 2008

jailbroken 1.1.3 iphoneThere is no doubt that the top story right now is the 1.1.3 Jailbreak for the iPhone. It has also been revealed that this jailbreak process also works for the iPod Touch — as long as you don’t mind giving it a split personality with the iPhone’s firmware and applications. Now that we’ve answered the big question, though, the little ones now surfacing en masse: Will my all of my apps still work? Do I still have access to emulator ROMs? What about the 300 meg app limit? Is it still there and can we bypass it like the good ol’ days? Fortunately, the masses have been fervently trying everything out, answering these questions and even providing tutorials for you. Today, I would like to gather the most pertinent and useful of these threads together so that those of you who have not been intrepid enough to do the deed can now get as much information as you need in one place to feel a little more comfortable performing the upgrade. Hit the read link below for the whole scoop.

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Easier way to get Firmware 1.1.3’s ‘App Pack’ using!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 25, 2008

App PackkHey, posted a new and improved way to get the App Pack for free, using a jailbroken 1.1.3 firmware ipod touch!

Read up on how to do so, here:

Have a jailbroken 1.1.3? The iPhone apps are locked away in the firmware. Install the App Enabler to unlock them:

1. Add to your sources list. Refresh sources.
2. Install 1.1.3 Touch Apps under

Please note that there is ZERO copyrighted code in this package. All we are doing is replacing the app’s Info.plist files with our own. Uninstalling will revert back to the default plists.

Note: MobileMail may or may not show up on your SpringBoard with this version. Please report back in the comments.

Edit Update (1:14PM GMT -05:00):

It is being said that getting the App Pack this way does not install I suggest you install the App Pack using the option previously mentioned below, on Touch Podium!


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How to get the “App Pack” (5 iPhone apps, lyrics, wiggle icons, and maps location and pin point) FREE on iPod Touch!!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 24, 2008

App PackkThanks to Tyr0 of the ipodtouchfans forums, we now know how to officially activate the “App Pack” that would of otherwise cost you $20!

Please note, you do, of course, have to have a JAILBROKEN version of firmware 1.1.3.

Read his post below!

i have figured out how to get the iphone apps and squiggle icon move for a 1.1.3 jailbroken ipod touch. These are the steps.
1) Im assuming you have a jailbroken ipod touch, so download BSD Subsystem and then OpenSSH.
2) Login to your ipod with Windscp or the mac one with your ip address as host name, root as username, and alpine as password.
3) Go into /System/Library/CoreServices/ and rename N45AP.plist to some like N45AP.old.
4) Then change M68AP.plist into N45AP.plist and reboot iPod Touch.

I hope you like it! I am currently trying to get it so just $20 ipod apps show up.
NOTE: This will give you Phone, SMS apps.

Source: an thread

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