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iPod Touch and iPhone to Run Marathon

Posted by Eric March on February 4, 2008

marathon_touch.jpgNo, not that kind of Marathon. iPod Touch Fans member dmgmantis, a.k.a. Matt, has taken it upon himself to try and port Bungie’s venerable first-person shooter Marathon and its sequel Durandal to the iPod Touch and iPhone. He is helped both by the fact that Bungee has released the entire Marathon game triliogy to Freeware, and by the fact that AlephOne, a Windows and Mac port of the game’s engine, is an open-source project that allows the games to be run on modern hardware with optional enhanced graphics and sound. Using the source code to AlephOne, Matt hopes to be able to bring these two games to the iPod Touch and iPhone — which is good, because we’re tired of waiting for a decent, working Doom. Says Matt:

Decided to get a blog on Blogger, helps my fellow followers see how and what im doing on The Marathon Touch Project.
Yet, im just projecting it and taking a really close looks at the Source code of Aleph One before i go and port this. So far, so good.

Marathon is a real amazing game, even for 1994. Its just got such an eerie atmosphere when you’ve got the speakers up and your playing in the dark. I tried Marathon Durandal, the port for the Xbox Live Arcade, and I have to say, that is pretty amazing and well done port, i wish there was just an option to get back to the old original Marathon Hud. More eerie atmospehere with it.

Well, thats about all for today.

A further update today:

Yawn, wow, were getting somewhere on the Marathon Project. Mindfield was kind enough to start remixing some of the Marathon Music, as mp3’s, to choose as game music while you play. Yes, im still listening to Fatman.

Yes, that’s me he’s referring to. I’ll be doing what I can to contribute to the project doing what I do best: music. Whether or not I’ll be able to pull off some great sounding tunes is another matter, but if you are familiar with the original in-game tunes, it would be hard to do much worse. (Okay, I’m not being fair, considering the game was released 14 years ago, long before MP3s and large audio budgets were the norm in the gaming industry.)

The project is still in its planning phases at the moment (with the exception of the music) but I will keep everyone in the loop about its progress. Or you can just check out Matt’s blog and see for yourself, as well as have a peek at this iPod Touch Fans thread where the discussion is taking place. If you’d like to give the game a try on your rig, head on over to Bungie’s Marathon Open Source page and grab the whole thing for yourself. (Some assembly required)

(Source: Matt’s Blawg of Dewm)


8 Responses to “iPod Touch and iPhone to Run Marathon”

  1. Hey, thanks guys for publishing my project to the Podium, i need all the supporters i can get. The iPT is an amazing handheld, ever since ive heard the word Jailbreak i had to buy the thing.

    Thanks again for putting my project up on my Podium, check up on my Blog and the thread on IPT for more Updates.

  2. Hey, good luck with the whole project Matt. This should be good. 🙂

  3. Dodopod said

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but… Aleph One’s source code is licensed under GNU GPL. In order to put this game in the app store, you’d have to work out a deal with Bungie, and the Aleph One developers.

  4. Anon said


    Wouldn’t it be ok if the dev made it free on the App Store, and made the source code freely available elsewhere? Would that satisfy the freetards?

  5. Alexwebmaster said

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  6. Brett said

    Give it to me! I demand iMarathon (or whatever you’re going to call it)!

  7. Mauro said

    I used to be a Marathon fan and would love to see Aleph One running on the iPhone.
    Is this project going anywhere?
    The blog at is unreachable and the google code project looks dead.

  8. a disappointed person said

    This guys sucks a lot. I found a forum somewhere where this guy was talking about it, and he got a ton of people all excited about it but it turns out it was just a gigantic prank 😦 I was soo looking forward to this. So dont get your hopes up. This is why his blog link doesnt work anymore, he cancelled it when everyone found out he was just full of crap. I really hope someone does decide to make this tho, it would be awesome. anyway, just wanted to tell you all that this actually was a really stupid prank.

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