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Jailbreak EASIER With Updated AppSnapp!

Posted by Justin Morley on February 3, 2008

If you are one who does a lot of tooling around and constantly finding yourself restoring to 1.1.1 and starting fresh, there are some new updates to which will be of interest:-Installs the latest version of Installer (3.0)
-Community Sources are now preinstalled
-Automatically OktoPreps (prepares for 1.1.2)
-More improvements listed here

This cuts out a few steps and sure to save a bit of time. The new processing for restoring from and back to 1.1.3 would be:

1. Restore to 1.1.1 in iTunes (shift+click Restore)
2. Jailbreak (visit and click Install)
3. Update to 1.1.2 in iTunes (shift+click Update)
4. Jailbreak 1.1.2
5. Install BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH
5. Run Official 1.1.3 Upgrader from Install

Finally, jailbreakme updates! Now, we are just waiting for a jailbreak from them, too! (May or may not happen?)

source: a modiphone post


5 Responses to “Jailbreak EASIER With Updated AppSnapp!”

  1. Ollie said

    #4 above states – Jailbreak 1.1.2
    What are the further instructions to get to #5 (install BSD)?

  2. To install BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH you need to go into (The new blue icon on your springboard – after you’ve jailbroken firmware 1.1.2) and refresh the sources, then find these two programs in the list of apps.

    [BSD Subsystem] can be found in the following repo source:
    [OpenSSH] can be found in the following repo source: (I think?)

    Good luck with it all, Ollie!

    Any more questions – don’t hesitate to ask. It’s what we’re here for. :]

  3. viru said

    hi i today i done the upgard to 113 through dev official upgrader but at the end it get only black screen and after waiting for 5 minutes i have to reboot by myself after iget the installer only in springboard no other applicaiton like mail,maps etc so what should i do now,it show its firmware 113


  4. viru said

    so any one have a solution i m waiting for that

  5. Try waiting longer than 5 minutes. 😉

    Also, the new website URL is ( Please update your bookmarks Viru.

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