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Posted by Eric March on February 2, 2008

Zoom Zoom Beta!It’s official. Andy Huang has opened to public beta test!

Okay, I’m probably suppose to write some formal press release for this… but you know what? Whatever. I’m not cool enough to write one of them fancy things up, so here’s just a personal note from me to everyone

As of 02:26 AM, Feburary 2nd, 2008, GMT -08:00, Repo Source ( ) is live in Open Beta 1!

What does Open Beta 1 mean?
Open Beta 1 means, yes, as the name implies, we’re now open… And it also means we’re still in early development stages of this project… in fact, it is the first beta we’re having for it. So, expect bugs, lots of bugs. While I did try everything in my power to ensure there’s no serious show stopping bugs, I can’t guarentee you that your stay here will be the most pleasant one… But hey, I could be wrong

So, try it out, and report any problems you encounter to me, and I look forward to giving you more features in the week to come!

In case you missed it and can’t be arsed to scroll down, is an iPhone/iPod Touch repository aggregator that collects all known, stable repositories in one location, which will eliminate the need to keep dozens of repos in your Installer source list, instead leaving just one single repo for Installer to refresh. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes to refresh your Installer sources from up to 10 minutes down to just a few seconds. Furthermore, you can customize your own personal repository, browsing all available packages from all supported sources and adding only the packages you want to your repo, which will further streamline Installer so that only the stuff you want will show up, and all the stuff you’re not interested in won’t. Head on over to and give it a try! I think you’ll find that it is an excellent alternative to the way things run now. Be sure to report your findings/bugs/suggestions in the forums.

Also note that while acts as a personal repository, all of the packages still have to come from their original sources — they are not stored on, so whatever problems you might have had with a particular repository the old fashioned way will still turn up when you try and install a package from a repo that is down or overloaded.



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