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PocketGuitar – Guitar Heroes Round-Up

Posted by Jody Mitoma on February 2, 2008

Mini GuitarI was surfing the ipodtouchfans forums this evening when I ran into a thread started by mushyfung. In this thread, he provided a link to a video he created on metacafe of himself playing the PocketGuitar iPod Touch application.

I tried this app for myself a couple weeks back, and I must say, practice is needed. However, I’m sure if you’re already a guitar player, you’ll be quicker to learn this app than I was. Practice makes perfect, and if that’s what it takes, I’ll practice long into the night. Expect a video from myself within the next couple of weeks! 😉


Have a look at the video mushyfang provided below:

Upon watching his video, he gave me the idea of surfing Google, YouTube and the likes, and finding as many great guitarists (and non-guitarists!) making some sweet sound with the PocketGuitar app.

Here is what my search has come up with:


Hit ‘Read more’ below to check out the other embedded videos!


Phenomenal work, everyone! Keep up the great work. These videos are highly inspirational. 🙂

(Source: an ipodtouchfans thread)


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