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Bring Your Shopping List Via iPod Touch

Posted by Jody Mitoma on February 2, 2008

ShopListGetting fed up of having to scratch out, word for word, each item on your weekly shopping list?

Well, no more. Thanks to fsaint of the modmyifone forums, it is now possible to type out your shopping list on the ipod touch, and as you go along, hit the “Have” button for items you’ve already picked up in your shopping cart.

Also, here’s a temporary fix for 1.1.3 jailbroken users by the creator himself:

There is a way to set the permissions. So here is the dirty thing … ShopList stores two files, need and have and the are in /Applications/ So you need to change the ownership of of need and have:
chown mobile:mobile /Applications/
chown mobile:mobile /Applications/

and also you need to change the permisions of the directory
I did
chmod 755 /Applications/
chmod 755 /Applications/
chmod 777 /Applications/

there might be a more subtle way to set the permissions, but that works. Anyway I have a new version that stores the files in the right place /var/mobile/something. I hope to publish that over the weekend.

[ Download ]

Repo Source:

Now this, I will be taking advantage of. 🙂 Thank you, fsaint.

(Source: a modmyifone thread)


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