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Installer 3.0 Out of Beta

Posted by Eric March on February 1, 2008

Installer 3It’s a week chock full of updates, folks. This time, the seminal jailbreak app, Installer, has finally shed its beta skin and is now a full-fledged version 3.0. The new version increases automatic refresh times to every 12 hours, which should clear up the frequent and lengthy refreshes every hour or so that make you scream at your device and say unflattering things about its mother. It also sports a new queuing feature when installing apps, allowing you to queue up multiple apps to install all at once, as well as a much requested Update All function in the updates pane, a free space checker to make sure you have at least half a meg left, and proper keyboard when adding sources (the same one used in Safari, with the URL characters on the main keyboard), among other miscellaneous changes. Refresh your sources in Installer and it should automatically inform you of the required update.


3 Responses to “Installer 3.0 Out of Beta”

  1. akejandro said


  2. Oh?

  3. jonathan said

    please i need some help im trying to install installer 3.0 in to my ipod touch 2nd gen bout how so please if someone knows please tell me thanks

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