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Yeti 3D 003 Released

Posted by Eric March on January 31, 2008

Yeti 3D 003Margo Giorgini has been hard at work improving his port of the Yeti 3D engine to the iPod Touch. Version 003 is now available, and with it comes a slew of new features, including better bad guys, a health bar (you can die now) and an ammo bar (but no ammo crates to replenish your supply yet), as well as a mini-map in the top corner, a frame counter on the bottom (presumably for his own purposes), and a slimmed-down virtual controller. Furthermore, a dedicated repository is now available in Installer so you have the choice of downloading the ZIP or installing it directly over the air.

A quick note about a new update of Yeti3D

– new UI with Health, Ammo and a map slice
– now enemies move smoother and they got light from environment
– now enemies can kick you (till you die)

Ah – now source works (it was the backslash issue in the zip that prevented this to work in the first place)
This is the direct link for the zip file:

BTW: this is STILL a work in progress – that means that there’s still the same level, same gfx (I’ve asked some friends to work on that) and no new objects on the ground (so if you run out of ammo you won’t find it anywhere – and when you’re dead you’re simply dead)

Anyway – if you want to give it a try – and to leave a comment I’ll appreciate 🙂

Full-size screenshots:

Yeti 3D 003

Yeti 3D 003

Looking good, Marco.

For those of you who would like to download it from Installer, be sure to add to your source list and refresh. Otherwise, you can download it directly from this link.

(Source: This modmyifone thread)


5 Responses to “Yeti 3D 003 Released”

  1. Jonny said

    I added the source and refreshed it, but I can’t find yeti3D anywhere.

  2. Smokin Okin said

    If you have the 1.1.4 jailbreak, it might not work. Also, its under the catigory of 3d games. Its not necessaraly called yeti3d. But honestly you have to work hard to get this game. I’ve got the 1.1.3 jailbreak, and the game is amazing. You have to figure out a way to get this game, I just downloaded it yesterday! It’s so fun. I hope I can be of help. If you need more info, then email me at And even if there is a question that I dont know how to answer, I have tons of friends that know a lot about this stuff. So feel free to ask any question you want. I hope I was of help to you.

  3. crazy_john said

    Really is amazing. Wish I could get more ammo; just run out and die.

  4. Smokin Okin said

    Yo same, I wish there was more ammo, and more levels for yeti3d. iPacman is pretty elite, but I wish marco would add the jumping feature. And guess what, worldwide, I beat one of Marco Giorgini’s high scores. I came up as 4th best in the whole world. But when you enter highscore, it comes up as iPhone. Marco, please shoot me an email. I have a lot to talk about with you. And besides, we are kind of like fellow country men. I live in the U.S., but my great grandmother came from Compania in Naples. I have to say Marco, molto bene, mi piace yeti3d. Per favore email me. Tu ed io molto fratelli.

  5. Eric March said

    We appreciate the visits, guys, but you might want to update your bookmarks to point to as that is where the blog currently lives. This one hasn’t been updated since early February. You’re welcome to stop by the new site. It’s a lot better than this old one. 🙂

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