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Posted by Eric March on January 30, 2008

Zoom zoomSome two months back or so I saw a problem. The problem was with the increasing number of sources that were appearing for Installer. The more sources there were, the slower Installer took to refresh them, particularly if one or more was down or being hit too hard. I thought of a few possible solutions, and even partnered up with someone to work on a potential solution, though it wasn’t without its drawbacks. As it turns out though, Alfarin, a.k.a. Andy Huang on the iPod Touch Fans forums, has mercifully obviated the need for me to continue any further by introducing His solution to this growing problem is more innovative than anything I was able to come up with, so I will let him explain it in his own words:

What is
As we all know, when you add too many sources to installer, your installer takes forever to update sources, and start up. It can be a very annoying wait if you are just heading in to install one or two apps. In a nutshell, is a new and innovative service, created to help you speed up installer.

How Does Help?
The solution is simple! If too many sources causes it to slow down, we’ll reduce the number of sources you must load! You customize what packages you want to keep, and generates a personalized installer source for you! Because also checks for package updates on a regular basis, your personalized repository from will also notify you that new software are available! Once you’ve selectd your personalized list of packages that you would like us to monitor, and add the personalized repo to your installer, you can remove all other sources from your installer, and never worry about them again!

Lesser sources to load, faster load time, and stay up to date with all the apps that you are interested in; now doesn’t that sound like music to your ears?

There HAVE TO be Some Trade Off, Right?
Yes, unfortunately, there are… but it is not a major one.

As you know, there are fun repositories that keeps track of ROMs for you. Legality issues aside, if you are using only your personalized repo from, you won’t be able to get the newest ROMs delivered to your installer as soon as they become available. But instead, you must take a few minute of your time, come here, update your personalized repository to include that ROM, and then access it on installer… If you ask me, though, the few minutes of updating your personalized repository beats waiting for 10 minutes or more for installer to start!

So what are you waiting for? Create your own personal repository now!

At present, the repo is in its closed alpha test stages, so the general public cannot yet take advantage of this new resource, but once Andy is sure everything is working as it should be, this may be just the thing to stop many of you from screaming at your device while Installer spends ten minutes refreshing your seven hundred and twenty sources. We’ll let everyone know when the doors swing open.

UPDATE: Andy has graciously invited me to join the alpha test team, and from what I have seen so far, this is going to be a very interesting project — you will be able to customize your own personalized repository to your heart’s content, adding only the packages you want, allowing you to keep a nice, clean, organized Installer.  It’s too early to project a release date yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted on its progress.

(Source: This iPod Touch Fans thread)


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