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Zod Strikes Back

Posted by Eric March on January 29, 2008

It’s-a me!ZodTTD doesn’t sleep. Ever. I know this because no human being could possibly do as much as he does in the span of time he does it and still manage to saw a few logs. You already know his work so far: gpSPhone, psx4iphone and OpenTTD are his current projects. You may also be aware that he presently has a Super Nintendo emulator, snes4iPhone, that is currently touring the beta circuit. Well, you’d better get your fill of ROMs and get ready for a barrage, because Zod has some big plans, and he intends to hatch them within the next few days. In his own words:

snes4iphone is being worked on more as we speak. Performance will increase, the tricky part will be to maintain or improve compatibility. In v0.4.1 the addition of landscape mode is included and the GUI has been replaced with a more familiar look.

The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for the public version of snes4iphone is about a week or less.

Though remember there will be constant beta tests to be had for registered forum members who donate. Especially with some great software lined up. Beta Testers Club members get to see releases before being made public. So there’s always lots to enjoy.

Other Project Status:

– gpSPhone: This project will soon receive a large update that will include both landscape and portrait mode! ETA: 1 week

– psx4iphone: This project is being worked on as you read this, though it’s a long process. It’s basically being rewritten from scratch by Hlide and I. It will introduce some unique techniques for squeezing extra performance out of the dynamic recompiler and emulation of devices such as the GPU, SPU, and CDROM interrupts. ETA: 2+ weeks

– This project will receive support for control and shift key input in an upcoming update. ETA: 1 week

He wrote this on the 23rd of January — 6 days ago. This means that, assuming he’s on schedule, we should be seeing snes4iphone released this week, along with big updates for gpSPhone and OpenTTD, followed by a complete rewrite of psx4iphone in the next two or three weeks. We are eagerly awaiting his releases.

In the mean time, Zod, after you’ve released everything, grab yourself a cup o’ chamomile, put on some fuzzy bunny slippers and a robe, spark up a stogie and just relax. You’ve earned it.

For the rest of you, enjoy a video of the latest version of snes4iphone to whet your appetite.



5 Responses to “Zod Strikes Back”

  1. You’re right- he never sleeps. I was surprised when I heard someone was developing a GBA emulator. Then I was amazed at the simple thought of the same guy making a PSX emulator. And now he’s up to 3 emulators and 1 full featured game port. What can’t this guy do? I wouldn’t be surprised if his next release was a Nintendo 64 emulator…

  2. hehe, N64 would be amazing – but I don’t think that is possible?… Not completely sure myslf.

    But yes, ZodTTD is doing a phenomenal job with all of his work!

  3. thatLooksAwesome said

    If it controls good its just another reason that I’m convinced to get an iphone.

  4. Thee controls may be satisfactory..

    But you can only do so much with zero buttons (home button automatically brings you to the home page no matter where you are, and the power button will turn your ipodtouch/iphone in sleep mode, or off).

    So, I’m sure he’ll do best he can. As it looks in the videos, he’s got the controls down pat. 🙂

  5. Tdlayvby said

    x38VYN comment3 ,

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