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iPod Touch Tips And Tricks

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 28, 2008

TipsGood morning everyone.

I was surfing the iPod touch Fans boards this morning when I ran into this thread created by iPod touch Fans moderator thomashayes.

He posted, with the help of many iPod touch Fans members, a list of 20 (as of this post) useful tips and tricks for the iPod Touch.

Now, I know this may be a little old to some of you, but I figured not everyon knows about all of these tricks, so I’d post about it anyway. ­čÖé
Click ‘Read more’ below to view the tips and tricks, lad!

Through using your iPod Touch you invariably pick up little tricks to get things done quicker, or make life easier. Or maybe a cool unknown feature.Let’s collate them here for all to see. Post your tricks and tips on this thread, and I’ll go through it now and then and pick them out and add them to the following list…1. If you’re scrolling through a long document/page in Safari – if you tap the bar at the top of your screen containing the time and battery, Safari will automatically scroll up to the top of the document/page and the show address bar.2. Turn off WiFi and SSH (using Services from Installer) to save battery power when not in use.3. Double clicking the home button in any application, or with the screen off will bring up the music controls.4. Make sure to completely close apps when you are done with them to save battery power. This is accomplished by pressing and holding the home button for approximately five seconds. This boosts battery life big time if you run lots of different apps all the time.5. Holding down letters on the keyboard will pop up the accents/symbols associated with those letters. Once it pops up, slide your finger over to the accent/symbol you like.6. Whilst in Mail’s inbox view, sliding your finger from left to right on a message the ‘delete’ button will appear. This also applies in the list view of the Videos application.

7. In Safari double tap to zoom in. You can also “pinch” (putting your thumb and index finger on the screen and pinching in and out) to zoom in Safari and in Pictures.

8. You can charge your iPod Touch from any powered USB port. Such as a computer, printer, media centre. The device does not have to have iTunes installed to provide power to your iPod Touch.

9. Need a spare cleaning cloth for your touch, or an extra cloth to rest your iPod touch on while at work or school? Just go to your local vision care store (or pharmacy) and get an eyeglass/sunglass “cleaning cloth”. Cheap and works great!

10. When watching a video, tap to bring up the onscreen controls. When you are done watching a video make sure you press done so your progress will be saved.

11. If you want to set a picture as a permanent background (and not only in the “wake” screen) Set the picture as a background in settings or directly from the picture gallery then off the theme wallpaper in the SummerBoard settings.

12. When typing a lot of text in Safari turn it to horizontal view. The keyboard will be bigger and you can get a better grip of the Touch while typing with two thumbs.

13. When typing if you want to add something from the numbers keyboard just hold down the numbers and slide your finger to the number or symbol you want, and release. It will take you back to your letters keyboard. This way you dont have to tap numbers, tap your number, then tap numbers again to go back. This also applies for using the ‘shift’ key to apply capital letters.

14. When in Safari, if you are presented with a link, hold your finger over the link, and a bubble will appear showing the URL that the link is tied to.

15. In Safari since you can’t open links in a new windows, you can open a new page, tap the bookmarks icon, tap the history folder and direct yourself to the last page you were just on and tap the link from there.

16. When listening to an audiobook, iTunes and your iPod create a new chapter list unrelated to the subject of the book. It’s accessible using the same control used for viewing audio tracks (upper right of screen).

17. Make a spelling mistake? Press and hold the word you spelt wrong and a magnifying glass will appear. Slide your finger back and forwth to move the cursor.

18. When you’re on a website that has a frame or an iframe with scrollbars in it, use two fingers on that frame to scroll that window and back to a single finger to scroll the whole page.

19. When typing, if you press the space bar twice after a word it will insert a period and another space.

20. If you wish to use the horizontal keyboard to chat on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, ICQ, etc. Using Safari go to the site and use it there.

Hope this helps. ­čÖé

31 Responses to “iPod Touch Tips And Tricks”

  1. h4x0r said

    Heyy, right now it may seem like you don’t have a lot of fans, but i check this site everyday! thanx, and i really like your theme post. find some more vista theme’s, everyone loves them.

  2. Hey h4x0r, that means a lot. Thank you very much for those kind words. I’m glad to have you as one of our daily readers. ­čÖé

    Vista themes, yes?.. I’ll have to take a look and see what I can find for you and possibly post another one in two weeks time – when I make another “Top 20 Summerboard Themes” post. ­čśë

  3. h4x0r said

    thanx for responding so quickly! great site!

  4. Chad said

    This is on somebody elses website.

  5. Chad, notice it’s been quoted, as well, the source has been listed at the bottom of the story itself. If this is listed on any other site – they stole it from, as that is where the list was born.

    Chad, also, we don’t update this blog anymore. The blog is now at

    Take care. ­čÖé

  6. I see, its quite useful.

  7. That it is.

  8. Al said

    Hey nice tips but I’m going insane I can’t find summer or winter board in app store how do I get it?!?!

  9. Se├▒or toucan said

    If u press home and lock at the same time then it takes ascreenshot of your iPod. I hope this helps!

  10. Se├▒or toucan said

    Summer and winter board aren’t in the app store u hag to jailbreak ur iPod to get them.

  11. Leah said

    i know another trick that isn’t on the list!

    you can take a picture of the screen on the ipod, hold down the home and power button together, and the screen will flash and make a camera snap sound! you can view your pictures you took in your saved photos album.

  12. ipodxpert said

    Well my friend I have a similar subject in my blog… maybe you can take a look at my tips number 15, 16 and 17. Cheers!

  13. Dee said

    Thank you for the information, want to utilize my pod to the max! Thanks again

  14. Marcos said

    I have a question that maybe you can help me..
    I┬┤m on every single touch tricks but theres one thing i can┬┤t do =(
    how i can drag an object and drop it after in safari.
    I play a game in ipod┬┤s touch safari but in that game sometimes i have do darg for exemple a sword to one place for another, but i can┬┤t do it.. Is it possible?

  15. eath28 said

    another trick. (which you might know already)
    if you’re playing your favorite apps and playing music at
    the same time, double-press the home button (it has to be quick)
    and track options will instantly appear.

    also works when itouch’s locked.


  16. softballlovaa1 said

    on the keyboard, can you put a period w/o going to the symbols page?

  17. Colin white said

    can anyone explain how to move the cursor right or left when entering or correcting text please?
    I know one can click on the space before or after but is there anyway of moving the cursor only please
    Regards Colin

  18. jacob said

    ummmm people should know this stuff already because i got my ipod just last month and i knew how to work it already and idc what age i am its just that its stupid how people post this stuff online they should be able to figure it out there self unless they r mental retarded like most people on this page get a life and just figure it out on your own…….!!!!

    • Leo the monitor said

      ok jacob !!!!! since your so smart and know everything about this IPOD tell me how you drag app store into the itunes store ??? because i did it and now everything is combined so u tell me and….. how do u jailbreak your ipod mr.know it all !!! ­čÖé because im a monitor on this page and i dont want anyone saying foul language or your kicked off this page got it the person that did this page is really kind that he/she spent her time on writting tips for you people and all u do is bash that person one more comment with fowl language you will all be kicked off this page and this page will be deleted !!!! got it

      Leo the monitor ­čÖé

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