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1.1.3 Jailbreak Problems and Solutions Roundup

Posted by Eric March on January 28, 2008

I still wouldn’t buy a Zune.You’re probably sick to death of seeing articles on jailbreaking 1.1.3 — especally if, like me, you’ve spent a solid day trying to get the official Dev Team release to work, most of which contained varying quantities of fail. Now that I have finally and mercifully seen the back of that process, I get to blog about it. I know, you envy me.

My original intent, post-jailbreak, was to write an article linking to all of the currently accepted Jailbreak methods and to threads containing solutions to the (many) problems people have encountered with them. A daunting task to be sure, so it came as a pleasant surprise when I checked the forums this morning and found that iPod Touch Fans member kappatango has already done all the heavy lifting by providing a fairly exhaustive list of such links and other details that cover just about any problem and its attendant solution you might encounter with the 1.1.3 jailbreak process. Read on for more.

[Edit] if you find this thread useful, please post to keep it bumped. Thanks[/edit]OK, My 1.1.3 is running superbly. Wiggly Icons, Webclips, All the $20 apps, 99% of previous games, system tools etc.Below is a list of the methods I used to fix the problems I experienced, I have not written any of these, I am just collating the info for you in ONE PLACE.Take your time, dont rush with the fixes.OK: below are a list of links on how to sort out the small problems I had:The Actual Jailbreak, simple method ( which I used ):…ad.php?t=30562Adding the $20 App Pack for Free, Add this source: then refresh. the App Pack is listed under CategoriesOr This one ( installs JB and APP Pack direct from installer, not tested by me, but feedback seems good )…=31190&page=72
Installer Main Execution Script Error:…ad.php?t=30601

CLICK HERE to see how to change the permissions correctly using WinSCP.

Installer Crashes to Springboard : ( Symptom can also be Apps Not displaying on Springboard after install )

Add this source: Uninstall all 3rd party apps, then from Utilities add bossTools 034.

Use BossTools to move the Application folder to the media Partition. You know this has worked when

a. It takes about 30 seconds to perform the move
b. The Button that said “Move Applications” now says “Apps Already Moved”

1.1.3 Mail Fix: again, use this source, and it is in the same place

MAPS Crashing on Startup:…ad.php?t=31215

iPhysics Level Packs not showing:…ad.php?t=30704 <<< read post 3.

List of Apps I am running successfully:

I can fully Sync to iTunes 7.6, All Media, contacts and calendar


Skyhook Locate Me Info:
WPS currently provides coverage to 70% of the American, Canadian, and Australian populations. By the end of March 2008, Skyhook will have coverage in the top 50 metropolitan areas of Europe as well as cities and towns representing 50% of the UK, French and German markets. CHECK “LOCATE” COVERAGE HERE

Wiggly Icons

Standard Utilities:
Calendar ( Alerts tested and Working )

Ball Fight
Towers Of Hanoi
Lights Off


WifiSwitch ( with Wifictl )
Advanced Settings

For a Good List of Confirmed WORKING Apps, click below:…ad.php?t=29215

For a list of Sources for all apps, click the link below:…ead.php?t=8180

I love it when the articles write themselves. Thanks kappatango!

(Via this iPod Touch Fans thread)


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