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Repo To Jailbreak 1.1.3 And The App Pack At Once

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 27, 2008

jailbroken 113

There seems to be a bit of an issue occuring with this guide. Please follow at your own risk.

ipodtouchmaster, Chris Stroud, and ipodtouchhacker have made a repo making it possible to jailbreak firmware 1.1.3 and install the ‘App Pack’ all with one easy step. Have a look at the instructions posted by Chris Stroud himself, on the ipodtouchfans forums!

Thanks to the efforts of ipodtouchmaster, Chris Stroud, and ipodtouchhacker. We have released a new automatic jailbreak that still requires no computer. Our new version is a spawn of the Dev Team Jailbreak, but it installs the iPhone apps ( The January Software Update) during the install. This should really help simplify things! if u have questions or comments, post them. This Jailbreak may take up to an hour to install!

Our Repo for this is:

We are currently making a video right now, either check back here, or check ipodtouchmaster’s youtube page in an hour or two.
this may or may not work on the iPhone, but we don’t see why it wouldn’t. Thanks and good luck!


Jailbroken 1.1.2 device

Latest Version of installer

BSD Subsystem 1.5 or greater (2.0 is current)

Turn Autolock to “never”

Attatch your device to a power source (or make sure it has full battery)

– The iPod Elite Team

Disclaimer- if you already have a Jailbroken 1.1.3 and want the 1.1.3 Apps, go to the same repo (you may need to refresh your sources) and install the 1.1.3 iPhone Apps Package, then install the Mail Fix. we are ging to try to merge these in to one file for your conveinience

Disclaimer Discaimer- We have received several requests for paypal information. our current paypal address is:

Currently, we are seriously killing Apple’s bandwidth, that is why it is soo slow.

Thanks a lot you three. This’ll be of much assistance to many, I am sure.

Source: an ipodtouchfans thread


2 Responses to “Repo To Jailbreak 1.1.3 And The App Pack At Once”

  1. MV said

    Did all of this, now i open installer, but pencil and paper thing shows, and it just returns me to the unlock screen which is happening to many poeple! help please!!!!!!

  2. Hmm, I do apologies. Thanks for informing me of this issue.

    Hopefully they get this issue solved sooner than later.

    For now, you can try jailbreaking 1.1.3 using one of the other many ways available to you. Many of which are found on this very blog. 😉

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