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JUST MINUTES AWAY from H3X’s 1.1.3 Jailbreak without computer!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 26, 2008

Here’s the latest update on H3X‘s jailbreak guide – using no computer whatsoever!


It’s being tested right now!

Will be released in a matter of minutes!

This was posted at 1:07am (GMT -05:00)

Stay tuned for Eric’s post in regards to all of this! 🙂

Dissheartening Update at 2:55AM (GMT -05:00):

xxDriveNxx, of the community boards, has a little update for us in regards to this jailbreak release through

Alright, as of 1:45 AM here this morning, here is where I sit.
H3X told me an hour ago that he’d be back in 15 minutes, and never came back on.
He was planning on releasing the link to the repo tonight without letting me test, which we ended up not doing, so that I could give it a thorough test.

The problem standing right now is that installer doesn’t like the large download. It seems to lose it’s connection with the host at a variable time during the download.
This may be due to the fact that our host is currently in between transferring the site to a dedicated IP, could be my connection, or the way installer handles things.

From where I sit, there is nothing I can do until H3X comes back tomorrow.
I still have faith in that he will make this happen, don’t get too disheartened. But for the meantime, catch some sleep already guys. I hate to be the one to bring the hopefully short delay, as it is H3X’s project, but I wanted to at least leave you all with all of the information I had.

That really sucks, man. But thanks for your contribution none-the-less, xxDriveNxx. You’ve been really helpful.

Source: an ipodtouchfans thread


2 Responses to “JUST MINUTES AWAY from H3X’s 1.1.3 Jailbreak without computer!”

  1. xakbox said

    nice blog got real mood to spend time for reading .. good work

  2. Hey, thank you very much, mate. =]
    I appreciate that very much.
    We try our best to get the news out to you as soon as possible… and we are here to stay!

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