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iPod Touch 1.1.3 Jailbreak Thread Roundup

Posted by Eric March on January 25, 2008

jailbroken 1.1.3 iphoneThere is no doubt that the top story right now is the 1.1.3 Jailbreak for the iPhone. It has also been revealed that this jailbreak process also works for the iPod Touch — as long as you don’t mind giving it a split personality with the iPhone’s firmware and applications. Now that we’ve answered the big question, though, the little ones now surfacing en masse: Will my all of my apps still work? Do I still have access to emulator ROMs? What about the 300 meg app limit? Is it still there and can we bypass it like the good ol’ days? Fortunately, the masses have been fervently trying everything out, answering these questions and even providing tutorials for you. Today, I would like to gather the most pertinent and useful of these threads together so that those of you who have not been intrepid enough to do the deed can now get as much information as you need in one place to feel a little more comfortable performing the upgrade. Hit the read link below for the whole scoop.

If you followed yesterday’s stories about the release of the jailbreak then you have the primary tools and instructions you will need to perform the upgrade and jailbreak. Just so we’re clear however, or in case those instructions aren’t clear enough, member ipodtouchhacker has posted a Youtube video tutorial on how to jailbreak to 1.13. (NOTE: Some have reported problems with the Jailbreak method going from firmware 1.1.1 straight to 1.1.3. If you have the 1.1.1 firmware, It is suggested that you perform the 1.1.2 upgrade and Jailbreak first, and then perform this 1.1.3 upgrade.)

Now comes the fun part: Returning your iPod Touch to the functionality and feature list it was at before the jailbreak.

More Touch, less phone

To start with, ficho of gives us a replacement N45AP.plist file to make the device less iPhone and more iPod Touch:

Okay, I haven’t seen this simple fix anywhere si I’ll post it here.

What it does?
– makes your iPod act like iPhone, but…
– adds contacts on your springboard
– removes the stupid “iPod” icon and replaces it with standard iPod touch’s “Music” icon
– removes all the stuff from .plist that are not needed (tryed removing more, but it disabled the 5 apps and webclips and homescreen reordering)

How it works?
– you backup (just in case) your N45AP.plist file in /System/Library/CoreServices/ and replace it with the attached one you download and unzip.

O, and MAKE SURE YOU RESTART YOUR IPOD for these changes to happen!

(Original thread:

Alternatively, the post below this one lists an alternate method for enabling the apps without turning your Touch into a quasi-iPhone.

That pesky app limit

Yes, the 300 meg app limit is still there. Fortunately nothing has really changed here; you can still manually move and symlink the Applications directory to /var/root/Applications, or just install and use BossTool to do the heavy lifting for you.

Compatibility Check

Now we’re ready for the bit where we put all our favourite apps back. The question is though, will they work? 1.1.3 underwent some significant system changes that alter the way apps are run , so it stands to reason that this is going to cause some consternation with some programs. Fortunately, plenty of users have taken it upon themselves to extensively test a boatload of apps. This thread is an ongoing series of tests by users listing which apps work and which apps don’t. So far, most of the majors seem to work just fine except for Summerboard, which appears to work for everything except your Summerboard background image. Other miscellaneous apps tend to fail, but for the most part the majority seem OK.

For you LastFM members who lament the incompatibility of MobileScrobbler, you’re in luck, as a new 1.1.3-compatible beta version 1.4 has just hit the wires. Get it while it’s hot!

Bottom Line

This is not the most ideal jailbreak solution we’ve seen, and it isn’t perfect, but as of right now there is no word on when a Jailbreak solution specifically tailored for the iPod Touch will be released, so this is all we have to work with. Hopefully, if you want to crack your Touch open but have been putting off the procedure because the information was too scattered and unconfirmed, this article will help to gather all of the most important and pertinent information in one place to make it easier for you to decide whether now is a good time to spring your Touch, and how to do it as painlessly as possible.

We will keep you all posted on further developments as they happen.


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