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Easier way to get Firmware 1.1.3’s ‘App Pack’ using!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 25, 2008

App PackkHey, posted a new and improved way to get the App Pack for free, using a jailbroken 1.1.3 firmware ipod touch!

Read up on how to do so, here:

Have a jailbroken 1.1.3? The iPhone apps are locked away in the firmware. Install the App Enabler to unlock them:

1. Add to your sources list. Refresh sources.
2. Install 1.1.3 Touch Apps under

Please note that there is ZERO copyrighted code in this package. All we are doing is replacing the app’s Info.plist files with our own. Uninstalling will revert back to the default plists.

Note: MobileMail may or may not show up on your SpringBoard with this version. Please report back in the comments.

Edit Update (1:14PM GMT -05:00):

It is being said that getting the App Pack this way does not install I suggest you install the App Pack using the option previously mentioned below, on Touch Podium!



2 Responses to “Easier way to get Firmware 1.1.3’s ‘App Pack’ using!”

  1. JakkOne said

    Yea,I just install it,it works perfectly except for mobile mail that it didn’t show up.Other than that perfect.

  2. phil said

    There are only two problems. First is that the pictures do not show up for the apps, and second is, how do I get the thing to move the apps with the touch of a finger

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