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[APPS] A Brand New Customize Add-On By ‘dybacz’ Allows You To Edit Music Player Icons Easily + More To Come!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 22, 2008

music editing imagesdybacz of the ipodtouchfans forums has been messing about with the for a bit now, and has figured out how to edit the “Music Player” icons. He successfully added a new option under the Customize menu that allows you to simply click on the set of icons you prefer to use, and voila, the icons have been changed!

However, this is not all the news I have for you! dybacz is taking things even a step further, and is working on adding a few more options to the Customize menu!

As found in this ipodtouchfans thread, here is what dybacz is working on next:

I was thinking of uploading then thought i might add some extra stuff: the vasor when u tap screen with the shuffle button ect

2.Whole Video App

3. Maybe TTR

and others if anyone has suggestions

dybacz plans on eventually releasing this Customize add-on within a repo and making it available to all for download.


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