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[GAMING] Further TTR ‘Guitar Hero’ Song Tap Updates.. Delay Explanation

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 21, 2008

Guitar Hero TTRHey all, I’d just like to take a minute to express my sincere appologies for not updating you all on the status of this project. I’ve been fairly busy with family issues and what not.

The project is in fact complete, and has been for a couple days now, however, I’ve been having issues SSH’ing into my iPod. In other words, I am not able to use CuteFTP or WinSCP to get into my iPod’s main core database, thus making it impossible to access my .tap’s… This is, in terms, making it impossible for me to share the files with you all.

I hope to get this issue resolved sooner than later.

If any of you have any ideas on how to fix the issue, I am all ears. The sooner this issues is fixed, the better.

Please keep on the look out for further updates in regards to this project!

Until then, practice, practice, practice!


10 Responses to “[GAMING] Further TTR ‘Guitar Hero’ Song Tap Updates.. Delay Explanation”

  1. Peter said

    If you have the songs on the computer, then I know a way you can get the taps off your iPod without using SSH. First, open Installer. Then go to Install. Then go to Network. Then find iShare and install it. Restart Springboard. Open iShare and tap “Quick Upload”. Then click Media>TTR>Taps. Tap one of the files, and then tap the email area and enter your email address. Repeat the steps in iShare for all of your files. Then check your email or go to the download link that the iPod shows after each upload and download the files one by one. That should allow you to get the files off your iPod, but it may be rather slow. If you don’t want to enter your email every time, then just enter the URL on your computer that the iPod shows after each upload. If you do this then you do not need to enter you email address. Hope that helps. BTW, do you think that eventually you might be able to make TTR files for the Rock Band songs too?

  2. Hey Peter, thanks a million for this!

    Although, it’ll be an extremely long process, I just may have to revert to having to do this.

    Regarding your question about making Rock Band songs or not… It’s funny. I was actually thinking about doing this in the long run. Keep in mind that, if I do in fact attempt at making all Rock Band songs, this’ll not be available to you all for another good month to two months from now!

    However, thanks again man. 🙂

  3. Peter said

    Just another idea before resorting to this. Try reinstalling the BSD Subsystem and then trying to SSH. Also, make sure that in WinSCP (or whatever you use to SSH into your iPod) has the right IP address for your iPod. Sometimes this changes and you may forget to change it in WinSCP. I know this happens to me sometimes.

  4. Hey, great! I’ll give those a shot too. I’m using the same connection at home, so I don’t see why my IP address would change, but I’ll take a look… I’ve also tried cuteFTP, but to no avail.

    I’ll try re-installing the BSD Subsystem as well, if all else fails.

    Darn, this sucks!

  5. ThaCo said

    Hi Jody, make sure you are conecting using Sftp not the simple FTP mode, and re-check the ip of your itouch that you are conecting to.

  6. I checked the IP, it’s the exact one found on the iPod, so that’s not the issue.

    Re-installing BSD Subsystem didn’t even work… Wow!……

  7. Gollyzila said

    Sry if this a repeat of another solution above but i think ur checking the wrong ip adress. Make sure to compare the ip address of the ipod w/ the ip address in the properties of ur ftp program. Sry again if this is a repeat.

  8. espi69 said

    get a program called. IPOD TOUCH BROWSER it lets u browse the files when you itouch is connected to the usb cable. i find it alot easier. theres even a video for it on youtube. if u cant find it, emil me.

  9. diver dan said

    hey i emailed you a solution

  10. Thanks very much diver_dan. I will be sure to get these taps up as soon as I can.

    Man, it never came to me how much I delay things…

    Again, I apologies to everyone for having to wait so long.

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