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A New Addition…

Posted by Justin Morley on January 21, 2008

credit to *svensson on deviant art for the picture Hey! My name is Justin and I have been offered the position of Editor and Contributing Author by Jody. I am a major tech-geek, and when he offered me this, I couldn’t say no. I am 15 years old, and a major Apple fan. I received my iPod Touch for Christmas, and haven’t stopped using it since. This post was made to introduce myself, but I don’t know what to write. Let get down the basics: I have been writing in my own blog (which I won’t shamelessly plug) for around a 1/2 a year. I like Italian food, and salad. I am really into photography, and music. I live in snowy Michigan, where it is always snowing. At school, I am in plays and am the corresponding secretary in the Class of 2010’s Student council at my school. I am really tech-savvy, and am constantly reading about technology related things. My favorite type of music is Hard Rock/Hardcore; but I’ll listen to anything I feel like. I seriously don’t know what to write about myself, other than I hope I have a long lasting impact on Touch Podium, and I can’t wait until it becomes super popular. Read more about me on the About Us page.




One Response to “A New Addition…”

  1. Eric March said

    Welcome aboard. Looks like we’re going to be a trio now. 🙂

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