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[APPS] Pocket Guitar lets you strum like a real guitar!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 20, 2008


“PocketGuitar is a virtual guitar for iPhone and iPod touch. You can even have guitar sessions with the songs in your iPod!”


Launch Installer and choose “Sources”, then add to your repositories.

PocketGuitar will appear under the “Toys” category.

Also, here is a list of things they plan on working on for the next release:

* Make bass sounds louder
* An option to decrease number of frets and make them more farther apart
* “Auto-Pluck” mode option – the string is plucked when you touch it on the fretboard. It would be less realistic compared to a real guitar, but you’ll be able to play it with one hand and it will help you play faster phrases more accurately.
* Make the yellow volume bar more realistic 🙂
* Reverb and Chorus effecters
* Make plucking less sensitive (maybe as an option) – Instead of plucking when the string is touched, don’t let it plucked until the finger is dragged.

Now this, is awesome.



5 Responses to “[APPS] Pocket Guitar lets you strum like a real guitar!”

  1. Hardy Tjoa said

    where can I get the installer?

  2. If you do not have a jailbroken iPod Touch/iPhone, please look into it by visiting the following link:

    Good luck! =) Post back with any questions!

  3. Jonathan said

    Yeah i try to add the source it just says invalid source 😦

  4. That’ seems interesting. Fun.

  5. auto auction…

    […][APPS] Pocket Guitar lets you strum like a real guitar! « Touch Podium[…]…

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