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[GAMING] R4m0n’s iPhysics 1.0 now available for download!

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 17, 2008

I hope most of you haven’t upgraded to firmware 1.1.3 on your iPod Touches/iPhones yet! If you have, you’ll be missing out on some pretty intense action here tonight.R4m0n, the mastermind behind ‘iPhysics’ for the iPod Touch/iPhone, has released version 1.0 today, which consists of a ton of new and exciting features! It is available for download through his repo right now! If you do not already have his repo in your list of sources, feel free to do so now.

His repo is: (add this to your list of sources for

Here are the full details of the new realease:

Almost a month went by after the last update, with holidays and all… But the wait was worth it, and the 1.0 version finally is here with a lot of new features:

  • New rendering engine using OpenGL, a lot more faster than the previous one and with texture support!
  • Support for images and animations for objects, as can be seen on the first level of the Crayon Physics pack (I’ll update the others in the next update)
  • Sound effects, and an option on the main menu to turn them off. The sound is currently playing as a system sound, so you have to turn them on to hear anything.
  • Multi-touch support! Up to 5 simultaneous touches are registered and processed. For now it’s only useful for triggers, but I may add something extra for them in the future.
  • Basic scoring added, online scoring soon to come.
  • Some new flags and trigger actions, see the iPhysics_Levelpack_Format page.

The features are good, but what you really need to show them off is a good levelpack… And we have 2 of them for this release! Rawd’s iPinball shows all of the new features, and Moo’s Moo’N’Patrol set’s the levelpacks design to a new level… Those levelpacks are a must see, so go ahead… Everything is in the repository, and here:

Download: iPhysics 1.0 iPinball Moo’N’Patrol

Here’s a screen capture of Moo’N’Patrol:


PS: There are some reports of flickering in the game. This is caused by other background apps trying to update the screen while the game is running. I’ll try to fix this in the next version, in the meantime you can stop other background apps that may be running to stop this problem.


– Jody Mitoma


2 Responses to “[GAMING] R4m0n’s iPhysics 1.0 now available for download!”

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    please give a version of nano ipod 7.6

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