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[APPS] IBM plans to make e-mail software available to users of the iPod Touch/iPhone

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 17, 2008

 This is interesting… Although this does not concern me personally, as using and Google’s Gmail works charms, I suggest you check it out!

IBM plans to make e-mail software available to users of the Apple Inc.‘s iPhone and iPod Touch, according to a report from The Associated Press.

The AP reports that IBM (NYSE: IBM) plans to release a version of its Lotus Notes e-mail program for the portable Apple devices. The company also will release a suite of Microsoft Office-like software, known as Lotus Symphony.

A formal announcement is expected next week at an IBM conference in Orlando, Fla., the AP says.

The partnership could be beneficial for corporate types who use Lotus Notes for their e-mail. Currently, businesspeople can only access corporate e-mail on the iPhone if their corporations use, and properly configure, the Microsoft Exchange program.

But IBM boasts of more than 130 million worldwide users for Lotus Notes – a clientele that, if tapped into, could make the iPhone a more palatable alternative to devices such as Research in Motion’s BlackBerry.

Much of the work on Lotus software is done at IBM’s campus in Research Triangle Park, where Big Blue employs 11,000. Shares of the company were up less than 1 percent, to $102.17, in afternoon trading.


– Jody Mitoma


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