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[GAMING] Updates on TTR ‘Guitar Hero 1’ Taps and MP3s

Posted by Jody Mitoma on January 15, 2008

Guitar Hero TTRHey fellow guitar heroes!,

Sorry about the failure to update on the status of this project. Unfortunately I have some bad news this evening…

So basically, it turns out this will not be getting released anytime today. Reason for this is because I didn’t expect what I’ve got myself into at first.

Tapping to a songs beat is much harder than one would expect – ESPECIALLY when you do not know the song you are tapping to. And being that there are 42 songs in Guitar Hero 1, and I know maybe 20% of the songs (if that), I have to LEARN the beat of the other songs before I can tap to them with TTR.

Please expect the release of ‘Guitar Hero 1’ taps to be released on Thursday at some point.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hate when release dates are pushed back, and hate to have to do it myself. I am not a hypocrite – honest!

I hope this is fully understood. Until then, happy tapping and happy touching! )

– Jody Mitoma


One Response to “[GAMING] Updates on TTR ‘Guitar Hero 1’ Taps and MP3s”

  1. voyance said

    Je n’ai pas réussi à visiter votre blog cette semaine… C’était moi, ou bien une panne du site ? En tous cas, article bien vu, comme d’hab…

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